Why Green Matte is Used For VFX

One of the inevitable features of modern-day films and videos is the presence of stunning visuals along with supernatural features. All the films which employ these technological features often use a green screen in place of the scenery which is to be added digitally later on. TLM Studios Pvt. Ltd The leading advertising agency in Thodupuzha, Kerala, set the industry standard by employing cutting-edge techniques, particularly utilizing green matte for VFX in TV shows and commercial ads. In this blog, we delve into the compelling reasons behind the widespread use of green matte in the realm of visual effects

Chroma Keying: The Art of Extraction

At the core of the green matte’s allure is a technique called chroma keying. This method involves removing a specific color from a movie or image so that editors can replace it with a different background. The vivid green color was chosen since it is uncommon in skin tones and popular set pieces, making extraction and replacement easier. 

  • Isolation of a Distinct Color:

Chroma keying is the precise separation of a certain color. This color isolation is achieved through advanced video editing software. The chosen color is typically vivid green, owing to its rarity in human skin tones and the common elements found on a typical set. 

  • Background Replacement:

Once the green color is isolated, it acts as a transparent layer, allowing editors to seamlessly replace it with an alternative background. This replacement could be anything from a picturesque landscape to a futuristic cityscape or even an entirely fictional environment. 

  • Strategic Color Choice:

The choice of green as the dominant chroma key color is deliberate. Green is less likely to emerge in natural skin tones, reducing the risk of unintended transparency in the subjects. 

  • Ease of Extraction:

The green color, vivid green, and distinct nature make it easier to extricate from the overall mix. It’s one-of-a-kind assistance in the precise removal of the background, revealing a topic ready for integration into a new visual context.

Reasons Why Green Screen is used in VFX

TLM Studios Studios Pvt. Ltd., the leading advertising agency in Thodupuzha, Kerala, stands out as one of the top Green Matte studios, showcasing excellence in innovative advertising solutions. Green matte are essential for in-house production, Post-production processes, interviews, and news segments, providing a versatile and professional backdrop for a consistent visual experience across various content types.

  • Flexibility in Backgrounds

Green Matte screens are used in interviews and news broadcasts to provide a variety of backgrounds that adapt to the narrative. The green matte technology creates a dynamic backdrop for the tale, seamlessly altering locations to match it. The green screen’s adaptability adds visual liveness to content creation. This technology not only assures a polished and professional appearance but also revolutionizes the way stories are presented, pushing the frontiers of originality and involvement in interviews and news reporting.

  • Creation of Unreal Environments

Green Screens make it feasible to create imaginative or unrealistic environments that would be difficult or impossible to capture on-site. This is prevalent in fantasy, science fiction, and other genres where unearthly environments are required. 

  • Cost Efficiency

Shooting on location can be expensive, also particular sites may be difficult or problematic to reach. Green Screens are a low-cost option that allows the creation of realistic backgrounds without the need for complex sets or travel fees. 

  • Consistency Across Shots

Maintaining uniformity in the background when recording a scene in several locations or at different times can be difficult. Green screens create a constant background that may be repeated in multiple shots to ensure visual continuity.

  • Reflections and Lighting Control

Green screens create a neutral backdrop that reduces color spill. This improves lighting control and reduces unwanted reflections on shiny or reflective surfaces. 


In conclusion, green matte is a valuable tool in the world of visual effects. Green matte screens are helpful for filmmaking, in-house production, post-production, interviews, and news. It’s flexibility and creative freedom to bring imaginative worlds to life on screen.

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