Meta New Updation In Detailed Targeting 2024

Meta New Updation In Detailed Targeting 2024

Meta discontinues some detailed targeting options because they are either not generally
used, redundant with others, too granular, pertain to sensitive themes or are required by
law or regulation. The update started on 15 January 2024 and they consolidated some
detailed targeting options that relate to topics that people may perceive as sensitive.
Existing ad sets with affected targeting options will continue to run until 18th March
2024. After this date Meta will stop delivering ads to the discontinued detailed targeting
options, and affected ad sets may be paused. In this blog, Tlm Studios Pvt Ltd the best
social media marketing agency in Kerala explores the new meta updates and alternative
detailed targeting options they provide.

Alternative Targeting Products To Reach Your Audiences

Broad Targeting

Broad Targeting covers gender, age, and location. Targeting broadly means that you are
primarily reliant on our delivery system to discover the right audience to show your ad
to. This technique may bring us to potential consumers that we would not have known
about otherwise.

Custom audiences

This option allows you to locate your current audiences among Facebook and
Instagram users. You can build unique audiences of people who are already familiar
with your brand by utilizing sources like customer lists, visitors to your website or app, or
interactions on Facebook and Instagram.

Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike Audiences, which are produced from an existing audience and can assist
optimize audience reach. Meta advantage lookalike is when we can serve ads that are
more than 1-10% similar to the desired range. This system forecasts that it will increase

Meta Advantage detailed targeting

This may send advertising outside of your specified detailed targeting if it is expected to
improve performance.
Meta Advantage + audience enables you to use Meta’s sophisticated AI to identify your
campaign audience.

Edit affected ad sets

To review and edit your affected ad sets:
● Go to the campaign page in Meta Ads Manager. A warning banner should be
visible at the top of the page.
● Selecting the warning banner lists the affected ad settings.
● To make changes, the impacted ad sets.
Go to the audience area, under detailed targeting, and check for warning
messages that explain which options are affected and what to do. You may see a
list of affected options to delete, along with alternative suggestions where
available, or see delete all unavailable options. TLM Studios Pvt Ltd best social
media marketing agency in Kerala, we provide social media marketing for
delivering unparalleled services that catapult businesses into the spotlight of the
digital era. Specializing in crafting bespoke social media strategies, we are
committed to providing businesses with a robust online presence.








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