For creating brand differentiation in a market place of homogeneous offerings and the ultimate drivers of commercial advantage, Insights are a requisite element. Insights are not only considered as data or facts but they are the fuel for new ideas and innovations for your ventures.

The marketing campaigns built on the insight, the emphasis being firmly placed on families playing games that were easy to learn and designed to be played together. At the time there is a radically different proposition to its competition, driving a sales uplift that resulted in the new launches are editions of any brands.

So, insights act as a catalyst for improving brand performance impressively. Those places where the audience and brand interact with each other are commonly considered as the most fertile ground for insight mining. Researching audience brand perceptions is a very important element, which helps us to provide the necessary data and information. These are possible through interrogating where those perceptions came from and the reason behind getting you into insight territory.


Insight mining definition

Insight Mining is defined as the technique to analyze your existing reports and databases deeply to bring the Insights that lead to your brand’s or company’s profitable growth. You can also maximize the return on your past investment in marketing databases and reduce the need for fresh market research and data gathering through Insight mining.

Insight mining meaning

Insight mining is simple but analyzing your existing reports and database to find the overall performance of your company within a time scale. This helps you to interrogate the facts which you found a new purpose and perspective for consoles. This leads to bring customer families together to have energetic and thus get active. Discovering insights isn’t an easy thing, at the same time to amplify the brand value and change market places; you have to get it accurately.

You can dominate the next generation of consoles by proper way of insight mining. For that, first of all, you have to wait and see in a marketing perspective, they appear backward with the others itself.

Insight mining solutions

Without pointing on the relentless influence of the data, it is not possible to offer an opinion on the value of human knowledge and insights. Rather than intuitions or predictions, the decisions are based on factual data and proper analysis. Researchers say that companies will remain profitable while they start to gamble their business success. It’s all about the ability of actual entrepreneurs to adapt the accurate data to make proper decisions itself. In order to examine, consolidate, organize and interface the information which has gathered, the data must be complemented by powerful potentials from humans. Applying insight mining is mandatory for strategic growth when decisions become more critical and you must recollect human networks. In order to interpret the decision making and detect the right path, human knowledge is an essential factor.

Insight mining techniques

Product Scavenger Hunt

In order to capture design requirements, product stories, visual cues, and even design metaphors product scavenger hunt is an interesting tool or technique. Respondents are assigned some homework to complete before arriving at the research facility and collect examples that demonstrate the benefits that you want to learn about.


Multi-sensory Idea Explosion

This mini-workshop requires little preparation but can show better treatment to you. For the participants, it will be more interesting. The intention is to build a sequence of design boards for the concepts under exploration. Similarly, the boards’ designers also use present room designs.


Experiential Evaluation using Task Deconstruction

This is a tool with dual-parted and observation-based nature, which helps you understand unarticulated needs and remunerating behaviors as well as identify design needs. Understanding the product task and the consumer’s perceptions are the predominant aim of this tool.


Embodiment or manifestation 

This is contemplated as a creative exercise to understand the brand as well as the product and service differentiation. This exercise explains trial barriers, potential product identifications and basic consumer insight.


Tell a story

Telling a story is a great technique to be practiced. In-depth analysis of stories can explore accurate needs and actual consumer insights. A story should be consisted of a title, beginning and a perfect ending itself.


 Meta description

Insight Mining is defined as a tool to analyze the reports deeply to bring the Insights that lead to your company’s profitable growth.

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