Why choose TLM studios over others to market your business digitally:

Why choose TLM studios over others to market your business digitally: We realize that there are lots of digital marketing agencies out there. Some are acceptable. A few, not all that great. We also realize that picking an organization to trust as a significant part of your business is difficult – particularly when it’s something […]

How Voice Search will impact Search Queries in 2021

How Voice Search will impact Search Queries in 2021 what is a voice search? Voice search permits you to use a web crawler by basically talking on a cell phone or through a PC, permitting the gadget to look for information for you after entering the data through voice. Voice search is often interactive, concerning […]

Brand identity design

product photography

BRAND IDENTITY DESIGN A brand identity represents a company or a product line and sometimes both. It is the entirety of a brand’s expression of itself to the world. It includes logos, typography, colours, packaging, and messaging, and it complements and reinforces the existing reputation of a brand. Brand identity brings new clients to a […]

Market study


MARKET STUDY A market study is considered as a significant component of market research and a fundamental element of any business. Business founders and entrepreneurs usually document their business idea through this process and during the market study; a specific market is taken into account. The market study is also known as market analysis, market […]

Insight Mining


INSIGHT MINING For creating brand differentiation in a market place of homogeneous offerings and the ultimate drivers of commercial advantage, Insights are a requisite element. Insights are not only considered as data or facts but they are the fuel for new ideas and innovations for your ventures. The marketing campaigns built on the insight, the […]

Ad Serving


AD SERVING An ad server is a web server which stores advertising contents or strategies for online marketing and delivers those contents to different digital platforms. The platforms include websites, social media networking sites, mobile applications and other online portals. An ad serving is a technology in which the advertising material is stored and distributed […]



MEDIA It’s simply referred to as the channels for communications to disseminate the messages from one source to another. Different types of Media in Kerala Print media (Newspapers, magazines, notices, flyers, leaflets, brochure, booklets, direct mail) Broadcast media (television, radio, internet) Outdoor / OOH media (hoardings, billboards, neon signs, transit advertising, lamp post) New media […]

Brand Positioning


Brand positioning As the name indicates itself, the brand position is the process of identifying your actual product or service and detects its market, to place your brand accordingly. Including small scale manufacturers, online retailers, and nonprofits, brand positioning will make customers capable of recognizing and to connect with the providers. The important factors of […]