Brand positioning

As the name indicates itself, the brand position is the process of identifying your actual product or service and detects its market, to place your brand accordingly. Including small scale manufacturers, online retailers, and nonprofits, brand positioning will make customers capable of recognizing and to connect with the providers. The important factors of success of brand depend upon how well and how many people know your brand very well. A collective website is not enough to set up and expect people to react to it. A brand or product can’t truly thrive in the marketplace without an established brand position. Simply, Brand positioning is a marketing strategy that helps business set them apart.


Definition of brand positioning

Brand positioning concept defined as the space a company owns in the mind of a customer and how it differentiates itself from competitors

Brand positioning statement

A brief description of a product or service and target market on how that product or service fills a particular need of the target market is considered as the Brand positioning statement.
It’s used for internal purposes for disposing of marketing efforts with the brand and its value proposition. Positioning statements are commonly used to narrate how your product or service fulfill your market place as well as the target audience. It is considered as a mandatory procedure for any positioning strategy to create a clear vision for brand positioning.
A brand positioning statement should be robust to create an impact, and be condensed and appealing enough to remember, and also justified enough to your brand’s identity. What is the importance of a brand positioning statement? Do you have any idea about that? Well, writing a brand positioning statement is not contemplated as a simple procedure. A perfect and exemplary brand positioning statement make takes more time and effort than you imagine.

Key factors of a brand positioning statement

  • Give priority for your value proposition. It aims at the advantages of your actual customers achieves by acquiring the products or services. This will surely create an emotional impact on your brand, rather than rational. In other words, your brand positioning statement will be about your company’s unique features which make you stand out from others in the market.
  • Consider your value proposition as your target in order conveys how you become the superior. Your positioning statement must match your brand personality too; otherwise, it doesn't make any sense at all. If your brand or product is entertaining, appealing and fun-loving, you’re your brand positioning statement should be also executed in that way.
  • It doesn’t matter if you have multiple positioning statements on your brand. It’s okay to have different brand positioning statements for each market segments as well as your actual consumers. Each statement will show some advantages incorporating with your brand. Some brands with multiple products will also use different brand positioning statements for their products.
  • A guideline should be served for your brand positioning statement where your business resolutions can be executed. You will be able to confirm that all decisions and settlements that are associated with your brand by evaluating the feedback, strategies, and other responses within the market.

Importance of Brand positioning

  • Market differentiation

 If you are serving a unique product in the industry, it’s worth. Consumers will surely notice your brand as well as your product if you are successful in finding a solution for any problem with your product through your brand positioning statement.

  • Easy purchase decisions

It is important to study or research the consumer behavioral theory and brand positioning process that reveals how a consumer decides to buy your product. Your product must be beneficial and if you are giving your customers the solutions and answers properly for their queries they will be quicker to trust and buy your product at any cost.

  • Value confirmation

A brand may consider their competitors while pricing its products. But it is not applicable in all contexts. If you have a better brand positioning statement, your consumer will buy it without any reluctance.

  • Magnified messaging

A perfect brand positioning statement provides you a jumping-off point for arresting the attention of your actual consumers. A clear vision can enable you to create a creative story-telling itself.

Brand positioning strategies

Here are some strategies to improve your brand positioning:
Understanding your customers is a basic strategy that you can be used in brand positioning, so you have to listen to them carefully. Make sure you are listening to them properly, and what they are saying about. Targeting your focus groups and setting up surveys will also help you to improve your message.
Revisiting your initial research is another effective strategy that can be used in brand positioning in advertising. Whenever your brand positioning statement has gone unfocused, go back to the first principles by refocusing your statement.
Another strategy is creating some buzz within. Normally it’s hard to test your brand positioning in marketing if you are a startup fellow. You are supposed to run paid ads to see how people react as well as to keep in touch with them.

Brand positioning examples

Unlike other brands and competitors in the market, Tesla is a long-range, eco-friendly, electric and moreover a luxury brand which focuses on the quality of their vehicles, rather than branding. Tesla cars are unique and different from other gas-powered luxury vehicles. So, here the brand positioning is clear and factual with these features.

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